Where are you based?

I live in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

Do you have a studio?

Yes! I have a purpose built photography studio at my Hertfordshire home.

What type of sessions do you photograph? 

I really love photographing raw, natural portraits. Real faces. My heart really lays with maternity and motherhood, capturing the moments in life that go past far to quickly and are often a blur. I long to capture genuine connections and create art that honestly moves me. This is where I stand within my personal and professional lives. I specialise in maternity, newborn, baby and child/family photography.

Whats your style?

I have more of a non traditional style and consider myself more of a lifestyle photographer. You don’t need to be looking down my lens the whole time and my sessions are built around a mixture of natural, real moments and staged poses. I absolutely adore details, eyelashes and sweet curls are my favourite! I live for the candid moments, laughing, playing, cuddling, kissing, the closeness between you and your family.

When do you schedule sessions?

Studio sessions take place between 10am and 3pm when lighting in the studio it at it’s best. Newborn sessions take place Monday- Friday mornings. Outdoor sessions are scheduled on the weekends. I am occasionally able to do outdoor sessions during the week also.

What locations do you use?

I have a selection of locations within Hertfordshire that I like to use, we will discuss what you really want from your session and I can offer locations depending on your choices. We can go to the woods, a grassy field, in to town, anywhere you fancy really!

Can I print my images myself?

Yes! All of my sessions include photographs professionally edited by myself and a print release so you can print your images yourself. Although I always recommend that you print your photographs through me as I use professional labs rather than high street labs. Often with high street labs the colouring comes out incorrectly and there are sometimes other problems too. I cannot be held responsible for any errors that occur if you choose to print using high street labs.

I want to work with you! How do I book my session?

Amazing! I can’t wait to photograph your family! Complete the contact form here and I’ll send you an invoice for your deposit. Once I have received receipt of payment your selected date and time for your session is confirmed.

When should I book?

Family photography sessions can take place at any time throughout the year. Capture your memories and show them off on your wall, your children will love to look back on these and see how they've grown! Plus it is a fact that presenting your children's photographs around your home, boosts their confidence.

How long does my session last?

Mini sessions are round about 30 minutes (Mini sessions are seasonal and not offered on a regular basis). Regular sessions typically last between 1 hour and 1 ½ hours. Newborn sessions are normally 2-4 hours. Please allow the full 4 hours as our sessions are completely baby led.

What do I wear?

I tend to gravitate towards neutral coloured clothing with no patterns or bold logos, boho style crochet and lace along with warm colourings. Jeans are perfectly fine for men. I also have various clothing available to you for your session. This includes a variety of women’s dresses, maternity gowns, children's and baby clothing. I also have some little boys clothing too.

Should I get my hair and makeup done professionally?

Yessss! I highly recommend professional hair and makeup if you really would like to get the most out of your session.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Cloudy weather is not a problem, nor is just a little rain. If it is really raining, snowing, hailing, torrential thunderstorm the I will contact you as soon as possible reschedule.

I’m excited to see my photos! When will they be ready?

Ekk!. I am so excited show them to you! Your gallery will be ready for you to view after 1 week, this gallery will be edited to a high professional standard. Once you have chosen your images I will have them completely edited and ready for you within 2-3 weeks.