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I’m Leela and I’m the boss lady at Leela Yasmin Weddings. I have the best job in the world, no seriously, I actually do! I live and breathe photography, you could probably even get away with calling me obsessed.

The thing that I am most passionate about is that my photographs are real.

I love to capture in the spontaneous and the candid moments. Because these are the moments that you may miss or can easily forget in the bubble of your wedding day. These are the memories that you want to look back on and smile at and remember the feeling of what your day felt like.

These memories are priceless.




St Albans Wedding Photographer

I’ve always been a creative one. I first picked up a camera in 2009 and well, all other plans went out the window the moment I pressed the shutter button, because I was HOOKED!

I actually started things off a little more unusually,I started out photographing motorsports. It was fun, like super fun, the cars were fun the parties were pretty epic.

Motorsports brought me to driver portraits, this is where my fascination with faces came from, the older the better! The stories they tell!

Anyway, eventually I fell in to weddings and fell in love with capturing love and emotion. The rest like they say, is history.

I love a bit of Schitt’s Creek and often have it on in the background while I’m editing. It just makes me happy.

If you are planning on having animals at your wedding, I’ll probably get a bit excited - piglets and llamas are my absolute faves!

I believe in honesty and kindness, treating people how you would like to be treated and always doing YOU.


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