What to Expect

this is how it goes down

The connection between us is what takes your wedding photography from good to freaking epic.



I'm not someone whose going to blend in to the background, I will create a connection with you guys and your friends and family on the day. I like to get involved, I'll crack jokes with with your nan and I'll chat with your friends, I'm not just going to stand at the back with with a long lens, I interact; but I won't get in your way.


We'll chat before your wedding, so you can chill and enjoy your day knowing that I got you. Building our connection starts way before your day, it helps me be able to put you at ease. If you're local you can come down to the studio, if not we can zoom. We'll have an engagement shoot because I find that this is the perfect opportunity to have a trial run before your day and honestly, it really helps you to feel like you can relax infront of the camera.

We can chat details as much as you need, I'm here for you before, during and after your wedding. Once you've booked me, I'm basically on call for whenever you need me.

You'll never feel aWkward

I know you're probably thinking "but I feel so awkward infront of the camera" or you might just be worried that you cant relax, but let tell you, by the time your day comes around, you won't even be thinking about the cameras, you'll just be living the best day of your life; eating way to many canapes with your family and friends and lining up shots at the bar.

Because every couple’s story is so different

The way I work, the way i shoot is completely tailored to you. I bounce off you and your personality. So if you are more reserved, I won't go in for super intimate close ups. If you're cool with it and want to get out smoke bombs then let's go for it! You guys are so unique, you are not a copy and paste of every bride and your story deserves to be told!

Wanna know a secret?

I usually only photograph 20 weddings a year, but I'll let you in on a secret - If you guys sound awesome, I vibe with your wedding and I am availble on your date, I will squeeze you in. I want to make sure that I'm your photographer because you guys are amazing!


Absolutely! Although I am based near St Albans in Hertfordshire, my pricing covers nationwide UK travel however if your venue is over an hour and a half away, I will need accommodation the evening before and the evening afterwards. I will not take the risk of being stuck in traffic on the morning of your wedding and after your day, honestly I will be tired and need the rest before a long drive home. I charge an extra £200 to cover hotels.

Of course! In fact, I insist that we do! We can either chat over zoom or meet in person. The most important thing to consider when booking your wedding photographer is how they make you feel, so meeting to chat through all the details is perfect! 

I am! This is something that is so important and some venues may ask to see proof, that's absolutely fine - just let me know and I can provide my certificate. I am insured with Aaduki and have Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover anything.

Short answer? Yes.

Weddings are long days, and I will get hungry, hot meal are always appreciated.

Touch wood, this has never happened. It would have to be something seriously catastrophic to make me miss your day.

But, of course should anything happen, I have a large group of fantastic photographer friends who would be able to cover me last minute should the worse happen.

In this situation I would ask another photographer to shoot your wedding day and I would still edit the photographs in my signature style for you.

After your wedding day, I will cull your photographs, this means I remove any images that are not up to my standard, photos where someone may be blinking or duplicates. I include all good photographs in your gallery to tell the story of your day.

Depending on the time of year your wedding is and how many guests you have attending this can be anywhere between 500 and 900 photographs in your final gallery.

Yes, I do not give out any unedited or RAW files - essentially this is like going in to miller and carter and asking for the ingredients so you can make your dinner yourself.

All images are edited in my signature style which enhances the photograph and gives the images the look and feel that you can see within my portfolio.

I will also lightly retouch skin if this is needed. I am happy to remove anything that is not permanent, such as a spot, bruise or insect bite. 

Ohhh absolutely! I love a wedding abroad! There is something super special about sunsets over sea and the most beautiful scenery.

Additionally to your photography collection price, you will need to cover my (and associate photographers) flights to your destination, 2 nights accommodation and a rental car.

Ping me a message, we can chat about this!

Amazing! The first step is to contact me and well arrange a short phone call, after this we will meet in my Hertfordshire home studio or over zoom if you are further away for your chat where you can tell me all about your wedding plans! I can't wait to hear them!

After our chat I will hold your date for 7 days. Please let me know as soon as you can either way. 

If you choose to go ahead with me (YAY!) I'll need to take £300 deposit which will secure me to photograph your wedding day! You will also need to sign our contract and complete the booking form. The final balance is due 1 month before your wedding day.

I do get booked up around a year in advance so I do advise that as soon as you know you want me, to not delay in contacting me.

Once you have secured me to photograph your wedding, I will be in touch occasionally to see how your plans are going.

I will also be in contact with you to  make arrangements for your engagement session! I can't wait for us to meet again!

Around the time that your balance is due I will send you a questionnaire to fill out and to please send me the details of all of your wedding suppliers, this is so that I can tag them on socials and show off their amazing work! 

Of course, if you have any questions or photo ideas at any time, I am always on hand to answer them, once you've booked me, I'm yours. please feel free to text, call or WhatsApp me at any time.

I am so excited to show them to you!

After your wedding, I will put a sneak peak up for you within 7 days. 

The rest of the gallery will be ready for you in around 8 weeks.

Are You Ready?

Let's Do This!!